Go Beyond Reporting

Connect your energy and sustainability team with industry-leading target, performance and investment analytics

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FlagstaffRPO™ is the only software for energy and sustainability teams that:

Combines targets, performance and projects in one platform

Flagstaff provides unparalleled visibility into your program performance, planning and investments.

Integrates expert energy and sustainability consulting support

POINT380 consultants ensure that all the data, forecasts, and scenarios you need are in place when you need them.

Cascades enterprise-level forecasts and targets to sites

Flagstaff employs proprietary algorithms to compute site-level consumption forecasts and targets in-line with the enterprise.

‘‘POINT380's Flagstaff platform provides forward-looking program analytics superior to anything I have seen in the market.’’

— Global Sustainability Manager, Fortune100 ICT Company —

Set Science-Based Emissions Targets

More and more companies are setting ambitious targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Following the historic Paris Agreement, leading companies in every sector are setting targets based on climate science. Flagstaff contains the data and science-based target analytics to provide your team with a rapid assessment of your program's alignment with climate science, industry leaders and key competitors. It also provides tools to help you assess the feasibility of setting a science-based target and to introduce science-based target concepts to your leadership and colleagues.

Manage Renewable Energy Procurement

The rapid reduction in cost of renewable energy technologies has created new options for companies to manage energy costs and achieve greenhouse gas emissions goals. Sustainability teams now need to determine which of these options are beneficial and when they need to be implemented. Flagstaff combines project financial and environmental metrics projections with company forecasts and targets in one platform to provide your team with the foresight to implement lower cost and risk options.

Achieve Energy Goals

Every year energy and sustainability teams produce and verify an inventory of energy use for external reporting to agencies such as CDP and DJSI and others. This data contains a wealth of useful information for forward-looking program management, opportunity identification and project development. Flagstaff's shared database upgrades your team's capacity to utilize this data to achieve targets at both the site- and enterprise-level. With access to up-to-date data and insightful analytics your team will be able to grow its pipeline of well defined projects, expedite approval, achieve targets with less investment and improve overall financial returns.

Reduce Time Spent On Routine Analysis and Reporting

Sustainability teams conduct numerous one-off analyses to inform decisions and estimate scenario outcomes. These efforts can be time consuming, especially when they involve external data and methodologies. Flagstaff has built-in many of the analyses your team would need to develop and prepare for decision-makers and external reporting. It also integrates external data sources, third-party standards and methods to save your team time and enable them to concentrate on higher-value activities.

FlagstaffRPO™ enables energy and sustainability teams to set and achieve the targets that stakeholders and leadership expect.

— Features and Functions —

Four dashboards of analytical tools to explore data, compare operations, see trends and analyze scenarios


Set and track energy and emissions TARGETS for your company. Compare progress toward your targets, science-based goals, and competitors's performance.


Plan your company's INVESTMENT strategy for achieving energy and emissions targets. Forecast the impact of investments against your business-as-usual consumption patterns.


Gain visibility into company and facility PERFORMANCE with consumption trends, forecasts and targets for all your resource sustainability metrics in one place.


Perform COMPARISON analysis across your operations to identify underperforming sites, data anomalies and errors. Gain insight to identify and prioritize projects.

— Flagstaff Implementation —

Flagstaff Implementation Chart

‘‘Knowledge is of no real value if all you can tell me is what happened yesterday. It is necessary to tell what will happen tomorrow if you do something.’’

— Richard Feynman, Nobel Prize-winning physicist,
The Uncertainty of Science, John Danz Lecture Series, 1963 —